OSIRIS Schedule 2010-03

After our long shutdown, ISIS will be back operating in March 2011.

User Cycle 10/3 will run between 1st March and 14th April 2011. 

The schedule is given below:

Dateno. DaysRB no.PISample EnvironmentLocal Contact
Tue 01/03/113CalibrationOSIRIS-OSIRIS
Fri 04/03/1131110009ClarkeCCR/TL/HeDemmel
Mon 07/03/111ReserveClarkeCCR/TL/HeDemmel
Tue 08/03/113TBD   
Fri 11/03/1151110483LareseOC/50Demmel
Wed 16/03/111ReserveLareseOC/50Demmel
Thu 17/03/114TBD   
Mon 21/03/1171110423SokolovMGC w/ROT NewportDemmel
Mon 28/03/111ReserveSokolovMGC w/ROT NewportDemmel
Tue 29/03/117TBD   
Tue 05/04/1181110553Fernandez-AlonsoDRI+MGCFernandez-Alonso
Wed 13/04/111ReserveFernandez-AlonsoDRI+MGCFernandez-Alonso



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