Osiris schedule 2012-03

Schedule for User Cycle 12/3 from September 25th to November 1st.

The schedule is given below:

Dateno. DaysRB no.PISample EnvironmentLocal Contact
Tue 25/09/127TBDOSIRIS Demmel
Tue 02/10/122CalibrationOSIRISTLCCRDemmel
Thu 04/10/124TBD   
Mon 08/10/1241220103LennonOC/100+P/RGarcia Sakai
Fri 12/10/121ReserveLennonOC/100+P/RGarcia Sakai
Sat 13/10/124TBD   
Wed 17/10/121BEAM OFF   
Thu 18/10/1251220086FouquetOC/100+G/HDemmel
Tue 23/10/121ReserveFouquetOC/100+G/HDemmel
Wed 24/10/129TBD   




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