Osiris technical information

Technical specifications of Osiris

Technical Summary

Diffractometer Specifications
Solid angle (steradians)0.67
Angular coverage150° < 2θ < 171°
Angular resolution2.5×10-3 < Δd/d < 6.0×10-3
d-spacing range (Å)0.8 - 20


Spectrometer Specifications
Solid angle (steradians)1.09
Angular coverage (deg)11° < 2θ < 148°
Q-range (Å-1)0.18 - 1.8 (PG002)
0.37 - 3.6 (PG004)
Energy resolution (μeV)25.4 (PG002)
99.0 (PG004)
Dynamic range (meV)-0.4 to +0.4 (PG002)
-3.0 to +4.0 (PG004)
Analysing energy (meV)1.84 (PG002)
7.38 (PG004)

Instrument Parameters

Beam lineN6
ModeratorHydrogen cooled to 25K
Wavelength limiting choppersDisc choppers at 6.3m and 10m
Primary flight pathCurved m=2 super mirror guide for 1m, then m=3 super mirror guide for 1.5m with tapered end.
Sample position34m from the moderator
Beam size at sample44mm (v) x 22mm (h)
Intensity at sample2.7x107 n/cm2.s at 150uA ISIS power
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