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Polaris data analysis

Files containing Polaris instrument parameters for use with either GSAS or Fullprof Rietveld refinement software

A guide for the refinement of instrument and profile parameters when using GSAS (tof peak function 3) and Fullprof (which uses the same function to describe the Polaris peak shape) can be found here:  Refinement of Profile Parameters with Polaris Data.pdf

GSAS Instrument Parameter Files

9614.pol 17033.pol
18171.pol 19207.pol
19798.pol 22731.pol
24452.pol 26914.pol
28166.pol 35572.pol
36401.pol 36992.pol
50834.pol 52668.pol


Fullprof IRF Instrument Files

Polaris_ISIS_Feb_2005.irf Polaris_ISIS_Oct_2007.irf
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