This instrument is Decommissioned .

Neutron instrument Prisma

Neutron instrument Prisma
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Prisma is an inverse geometry crystal-analyser spectrometer and high resolution diffractometer designed to measure excitations, critical scattering and diffuse scattering in single crystal samples.

In diffraction mode it can be used for reciprocal space surveys with large Q coverage and good signal noise, and is particularly well suited for magnetism due to the large flux of long wavelength neutrons delivered by the supermirror guide system in the primary spectrometer.  In inelastic mode, data can be collected along a single Q-w line in reciprocal space parallel to ki (Prisma scan) or individual analysers can be set up to measure several different Q-w lines parallel to ki The inelastic and diffraction modules are located on opposite sides of the incoming neutron beam, enabling experiment modes to be changed without disturbing sample environment equipment.

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