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Gudrun is a suite of programs with a graphic interface for the full correction of neutron diffraction data from SANDALS and other instruments, that goes from the raw data to the structure factor.

Here you can find the most recent version of Gudrun, our neutron diffraction data reduction program. 

It works for both pulsed and reactor source data, and it comes with predefined settings for SANDALS, NIMROD, GEM  and  POLARIS at ISIS and D4c at ILL. We can help you setting up a new instrument under Gudrun, if you are interested, contact us.

Recently, a X-ray version of Gudrun has been developed, called GudrunX. Read more about it under the  XRD Data Analysis pages.


Download Gudrun

To download GudrunN and GudrunX go here.

Learn how to use GudrunN and GudrunX following the tutorials prepared for the Data Analysis workshop 2010.

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