Thermostatted Liquid Troughs

Sample environment equipment for Surf

Two sets of thermostatically controlled liquid troughs with eurotherm controlled heaters are available. One set of troughs has a contains 4 troughs with capacities of ~50cm3. The second set consists of 5 troughs with ~30cm3 capacity. If a user has a preference or requires the use of the smaller volume troughs they should ensure that they contact their local contact well in advance in order that suitable scheduling arrangements can be made.

The estimated sample volume assumes use of a water subphase which gives a good meniscus which is a few millimetres higher than the lip of the PTFE trough.

The roughs consist of individually sealed containers. Each unit containing a PTFE trough which is heated via heating mats. The units have the capability to be sealed to prevent evaporation of even volatile samples. Almost all of the construction is made from aluminium with quartz windows to allow laser alignment of the samples. All the units are also held within a temperature controlled box to reduce condensation effects. The whole unit mounts directly onto the active anti-vibration table which is itself mounted to the linear translator. This allows the possibility of measuring all four positions remotely under computer control.

Liquid troughs

Liquid troughs
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Cell temperature rangeRT - 80 C
Outer unit temperature rangeRT - 80 C
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