Surf technical information

Technical specifications

Technical Summary

Incident wavelengths

0.55 - 6.8 Å at 50 Hz, 0.55 - 13.0 Å at 25 Hz

Momentum transfer, Q0.048 - 1.1 Å^-1

Instrument Parameters

ISIS Beam line

N3, viewing the 25 K liquid hydrogen (lower) moderator.
Incident beam inclined at 1.5° below the horizontal.
Angle of incidence at sample variable using either a computer-controlled
goniometer or a 3× demagnifying curved supermirror for liquid surfaces

Sample position

9m from moderator

Beam Size

Variable, maximum 60(h)×10(v)mm


Either a single He³ gas detector (low background option) or a
2-dimensional position sensitive detector with 2×2mm resolution.

Primary flight path

Wavelength limiting chopper at 6m, variable collimating slits, focusing
supermirror; all computer-controlled

Data acquisition Alpha workstation linked to DAE1 via a SCSI interface


The application of specular reflection of neutrons to the study of surfaces and interfaces
J Penfold and R K Thomas J.Phys.Condens. Matter 1369-1412 (1990)

SURF - A second generation reflectometer
D G Bucknall, J Penfold, J R P Webster ICANS 13 Proceedings (1996)

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