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The VESUVIO detectors

The VESUVIO detectors in front (d-m) and backscattering (c), incident (a) and transmitted (b) monitors. The sample is the blue slab at the centre.
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Vesuvio is a unique neutron spectrometer, which uses the high intensity of neutrons in the eV energy range (epi-thermal neutrons) to mass-separate the spectra into a collection of nuclear momentum distributions. For each mass in the sample, a measured distribution of nuclear momenta can be used to calculate zero-point energies and effective potentials felt by nuclei in a variety of condensed matter systems.

Moreover, Vesuvio allows the concurrent measure of i) H/D uptake levels; ii) sample transmission and scattering cross section in a broad energy range; iii) diffraction spectra; iv) neutron-gamma resonances.

Science on Vesuvio stretches from fundamental physics to chemistry and materials science.

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