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Technical specifications

Technical Summary

ModeratorSolid Methane, broad side
Incident Wavelengths1.5 – 15 Å
Single-frame bandwidth8 Å
d-spacing range0.7 – 50 Å
L22.2 m
Flight pathBallistic supermirror guide, elliptic in the horizontal and vertical planes
Choppers2 double disc + 1 single disc (10-20Hz)
Detectorspixellated PSD, 1m active length
Beam size / divergencemaximum beam size 20 mm x 40mm
5 sets of slits for tuning beam divergence
high resolution (0.2 degrees)
medium resolution (0.4 degrees)
full divergence transported by guide
Optimal frequency10 Hz
Sample/detector tankRadial Collimator, 1m diameter vacuum tank + secondary argon tank
Sample environmentAll standard equipment + dedicated 14 T cryomagnet
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