LearnISIS: Super Microscope
ISIS: 'Super Microscope'

Making Target Station 2

Neutron guide for the Wish instrument


Neutron guides transport neutron beams along the beamlines to the experiments. Coatings designed to reflect neutrons also reflect light creating unusual patterns. Each beamline at ISIS has a name – this one is called ‘Wish’.

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Data images and visualisations



Atoms, a million times smaller than a speck of dust, and arranged into intricate structures, control the physical and chemical behaviour of a substance. Understanding the structure is one of the first steps for working out how a substance works.

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ISIS staff admire the view from the newly landscaped chalk mound


600,000 cubic metres of chalk were excavated from the site and landscaped into a hill. ISIS staff take a break when it was completed to admire the views of Oxfordshire.

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