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It is an amazing fact that your world and the atomic world are intimately connected by materials and their properties, even though you are about one thousand million times bigger than an atom! At ISIS we are fascinated by this idea.

This section has been developed from the materials world CD ROM which is available for download on this page. You can either download and run this CD for the full content or navigate through this section of the website.


In most cases a brief introduction has been included, for full content please see the relevant download.  

I 1-3IntroductionDownload
S 1-3About the CD-ROMDownload
S 4-10About ISISDownload
S 11-18Particle AcceleratorsDownload
S 19-29Accelerator TourDownload


R 1Where atoms areDownload
R 2What atoms do
R 3Archeology: Illuminating the dark ages
R 4Engineering: Taking the stress out of failure
R 5Superconductors: Superconductors all in a spin
R 6Materials: Carbon reaches 60
R 7Magnetic multilayers: Metallic sandwiched
R 8Muons: Where do muons fit in?
R 9Molecules: When size is everything


History, People and FAQ
FAQFrequently asked questionsDownload
H 1-14Historical developmentsDownload
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