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Beth Penrose - Sandwich Student at ISIS.

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An industrial placement at ISIS will give you the opportunity to be a part of this vibrant scientific community whilst developing many skills benefitting your future career.

Current vacancies

Software engineer for ISIS business systems

As part of a small, supportive team, the successful applicant will be involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle, from requirements capture through modelling, coding, testing and deployment.

Software developer for ISIS eScience systems

This placement will involve the specification, design, programming, testing deployment and documentation of software solutions to meet the data management needs of the facility and scientists.

Science Media Researcher

We seek a science media researcher to play a full role in supporting ISIS science outreach activities to a range of audiences.

Materials characterisation method developer

This position will offer the student an excellent opportunity to use and develop the skills they have acquired at university whilst learning many new ones on the way. The main focus of the work will be method development, so that the lab’s full capability can be exploited.

Investigation of complex moderator materials

The main part of the project is to improve our existing synthetic modelling capability to automatically and reliably generate scattering kernels that both accurately reflect the neutron-hydrogen interactions and avoid the majority of the numerical problems that exist with singularities, unbalanced sum rules and other problems that cause Monte-Carlo programs to fail.

Development of scintillation neutron detectors

This work will focus on the development of scintillation detectors for neutron detection.

Development of scientific software (4 positions)

Successful applicants will gain valuable experience development, testing and teamworking experience in a major software development as an equal member of the development team which is comprised of academic and industrial scientific software developers.

3He Spin-filters for neutron polarization analysis and wider applications

The project is based on the development of state-of-the-art techniques to magnetically polarise neutrons for use on the ISIS pulsed neutron source.

All about ISIS

How ISIS works

ISIS is made up of many components.

What does ISIS do?

Neutrons play a definitive role in understanding the material world. They can show where atoms are and what atoms do.

A video tour of the ISIS facility

See how neutrons and muons are produced in an animated overview.

ISIS Impact

A large proportion of the science carried out on ISIS maps directly onto the UK’s key scientific priorities including energy, environment, health, information technology and security.

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