ISIS instruments

Building the Polaris instrument at ISIS

Steve Hull, Jon Randall and Ron Smith talk about the Polaris instrument at ISIS, one of the most advanced neutron instruments in the world.

Backstage Science: Engin-X

Ania Paradowska and Joe Kelleher explore the Engin-X beam line, explaining how it works and its many uses.

Installing the Polaris supermicroscope at ISIS

On November 11 2011, the £5 million Polaris instrument was installed at ISIS. Since we happened to be doing this major activity on the same day as the One Day on Earth project, we decided to make this our contribution to the project. Installing the instrument was the grand finale of more than 4 years of design and manufacture and new science results are expected very soon. The instrument measures the locations of atoms in materials that are being newly developed or in daily use.We call it a supermicroscope. The ISIS Neutron and Muon Source is located at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire.

Backstage Science: Polaris

Dr Martyn Bull shows us around a new instrument being constructed at ISIS, the Polaris. He explains how it works and what it is about this instrument that makes it so special!

Working at ISIS

STFC- The work of technicians

STFC employees explain about the work that technicians do at the organisation

STFC- The value of technicians

STFC employees explain the importance of technicians at the organisation.

STFC- The training of technicians

STFC staff talk about the training that technicians at the organisation undergo.

A tour of ISIS

Inside the ISIS linear particle accelerator

The ISIS linear accelerator is only opened up every few years. This is a rare chance to take a look inside and see what it takes to keep a high-tech piece of technology gleaming.

Accelerate this: a tour around the synchrotron

The synchrotron is a vital component of ISIS. Without its supply of protons, the production of a neutron beam would be impossible. Dr John Thomason, Synchrotron Group Leader at ISIS, took Laura Makin-Isherwood on a tour of the synchrotron hall, explaining the science and engineering of this powerful particle accelerator.

Backstage Science: Powerful magnets

Martyn Bull shows us around the powerful magnets that control ISIS's beam of neutrons

Backstage Science: Neutron Target

Leslie Jones gives us a sneaky peek at the ISIS target, a piece of heavy metal the size of a packet of digestives.

Backstage Science: How to make neutrons

Martyn Bull gives us a tour of ISIS, showing us where the neutrons are made and how this happens

The neutron path through a material
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