Particle Physics Masterclasses 2010

Friday 09 April 2010

ppm Greg street

Greg Street, a student from Tiffin School for Boys (Kingston upon Thames).
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The 17-19 March 2010 saw over 300 A-Level students visiting ISIS to take part in the annual Particle Physics Masterclasses.

The visits to ISIS at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL) were the second group of Masterclass events hosted by STFC, the first being on the Daresbury site, Cheshire. 

The RAL sessions saw students working with data simulated for experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (the world’s most powerful particle accelerator), at CERN. There were also lectures from physics experts and tours of ISIS and Diamond Light Source.

A student from a school in Buckinghamshire who attended a Masterclass last year said; “I enjoyed the tour because it put the theory from classes into practice.  We have studied ISIS quite extensively, so it was good to see it for real.”

The events, which originated in the UK, now take place at the same time of year in 23 countries from all over the world including the US, South Africa and Brazil. Collectively they host nearly 6000 students and are designed to inspire students to go on to take up careers in science and technology.


ppm natalie james

Natalie James from Hampshire Collegiate School, Romsey, explored Target Station 1.
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ppm tiffin school

Students from Tiffin School for Boys (Kingston upon Thames) get a sense of the scale of the operation. They were guided around the Experimental Hall by Dan Faircloth (ISIS).
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ppm mayowa banjo

Mayowa Banjo (Tiffin School for Boys) inspects part of the Polref instrument in the Second Target Station.
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ppm clayesmore

Particle Physics Masterclass students from Clayesmore School, Dorset, visited the ISIS facility on 18 March 2010.
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ppm kings college

Students from Kings College School outside the Target Station 1 foyer.
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ppm jonny boxall

Students from Clayesmore School (Dorset) guided around the facility by Jonny Boxall (ISIS).
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ppm park house

A group of students from Park House School (Newbury) and Kings College School are led by Bryan Jones (ISIS).
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ppm park house philip

Students from Park House School, Newbury, are given a tour of the facility by Dr Philip King (ISIS).
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