Steel giant looking for UK engineering expertise

Monday 27 June 2011

 delegation from the Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd, China

A delegation from the Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd, China, visited the ISIS facility in June 2011. Visiting were Jianfeng Zhou, Pijun Zhang, Xiuzhen Lin, Laizhu Jiang, Hongzhi Shi, Yang Zhao, Hongbiao Dong and Yulong Ding with hosts Dr. Shu Yan Zhang and Professor Robert McGreevy.
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Chinese steel company, Baoshan Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd (Baosteel Co,.Ltd), visited ISIS Neutron Source earlier this month.

They are hoping to initiate links for future collaborations, drawing from expertise and knowledge from the engineering sector in the UK.

Vice President Jianfeng Zhou led the group from Baosteel, and they were joined by Professor Yulong Ding (University of Leeds) and Dr. Hongbiao Dong (University of Leicester) for a welcome address by ISIS Division Head Professor Robert McGreevy. They were then taken on a tour of the facility by ISIS scientist Dr. Shu Yan Zhang, who works on Engin-x, the world’s leading engineering beamline.

Baosteel is one of the most successful steel companies on the planet, and are hoping to set up a Research Centre in Europe, with Britain as a possible location.

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