ISIS does Stargazing

Monday 15 February 2016

ISIS does Stargazing

Visitors to ISIS taking part in planet making.
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On Friday 12th February ISIS opened its doors to more than 200 members of the public for the Stargazing at RAL evening event. Visitors had the chance to make their own rocky and gas planets, and see cosmic rays and neutrons in action using our cloud chamber, neutron detector and raspberry pi radiation detectors. Many visitors were also treated to a short tour of the TS2 experimental hall, hearing about the huge range of science that goes on at ISIS, including applications in planetary science.

Thanks to all that helped: Chris Frost, Julian Bower, Carlo Cazzaniga, Jess Tait, Ste Gallimore, Ellie Welch, Sara Fletcher, Preeti Kaur, Matt Capstick. 

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