UK Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting 2017

Tuesday 11 April 2017

NMSUM 2016

Delegates from the 2016 Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting.
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The UK Neutron and Muon Science and User Meeting will take place at Warwick University (Scarman House and The Slate) from 27-29 June 2017.

Registration for the meeting is now open here:

Registration is free to researchers at UK universities, and we will also cover reasonable travel expenses for UK researchers to attend the meeting.

Registration will close on 2 June 2017.

  • Tues 27 June (11.00am onwards) will be a day for students who use neutrons and muons in their work – a chance to meet other students, and to learn more about neutron and muon techniques, and about the research that fellow students are doing.
  • Wed 28 June (09.00 onwards) will be the main science day, split into five themes with talks on latest results from members of the community.
  • Thurs 29 June (09.00 – 13.00) will be a chance to hear about facility updates and other news of interest to ILL and ISIS users.

Speakers at NMSUM 2017 will include:

  • Colin Pulham (Edinburgh)
  • Andrew Goodwin (Oxford)
  • Tim Knowles (Birmingham)
  • Simon Cassidy (Oxford)
  • Tony Horsewill (Nottingham)
  • Daniel Slocombe (Cardiff)
  • Biao Cai (Manchester)
  • Robert Richardson (Bristol)
  • Sean Giblin (Cardiff)
  • Iain Oswald (Strathclyde)
  • Thomas Simm (Swansea)
  • Stuart Clarke (Cambridge)
  • George Carins (St Andrews)
  • John Bouchard (Open University)
  • Joe Paddison (Cambridge)
  • Matthew Krzystyniak (ISIS)
  • Quentin Meyer (UCL)
  • Thomas Bennett (Cambridge)
  • Yuri Gerelli (ILL)
  • Jacqui Cole (Cambridge)
  • Roger Johnson (Oxford)
  • Paz Vaqueiro (Reading)
  • Justin Hargreaves (Glasgow)
  • Ivana Evans (Durham)
  • Fabrizia Foglia (Kings London)
  • Oscar Cespedes (Leeds)
  • Matthias Gutmann (ISIS)
  • Anthony Philips (Queen Mary London)
  • Martin Hollamby (Keele)
  • Stephen Skinner (Imperial)Lucy Clark (Liverpool)
  • Andrew Boothroyd (Oxford)

We look forward to seeing you at Warwick in June.

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