Shinji Kohara - High-energy x-ray diffraction studies of disordered materials at

Tuesday 14 September 2010, 13:00

Shinji Kohara, (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute )

With the arrival of the latest generation of synchrotron sources and the introduction of advanced insertion devices (wigglers and undulators), the high energy (E > 50 keV) X-ray diffraction technique has become feasible, leading to new approaches in the quantitative study of the structure of disordered materials, particularly by direct comparisons between X-ray and neutron diffraction data. Since we built the SPring-8 bending magnet beamline BL04B2 and two-axis diffractometer for disordered materials in 1999, we have studied on disordered materials from ambient to extreme conditions. We introduce our activities in the past 10 years and mention our future plan in coming 5 years.

Event type Seminar
Start date and time Tuesday 14 September 2010, 13:00
End Tuesday 14 September 2010, 14:00
Location CR11, R3
Maximum Audience 24
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