Prof. Rex Godby - The GW approach to spectral, ground-state and transport proper

Tuesday 25 October 2011, 13:30

Prof. Rex Godby, (University of York)

The GW approximation is the first-order term in an expansion of the electronic self-energy operator  in powers of the dynamically screened electron-electron interaction, W. From , the one-particle Green's function G may be calculated, from which various spectral and ground-state properties of electrons in matter are available. For transport properties or the optical absorption spectrum, the two-electron Green's function is required, which may also be formulated at the same level of approximation as GW. Key differences between GW-type theories and density-functional theory (in its ground-state and excited-state formulations) will be discussed, and the use of GW approaches to overcome certain limitations of the usual DFT functionals mentioned.

Event type Seminar
Start date and time Tuesday 25 October 2011, 13:30
End Tuesday 25 October 2011, 14:30
Location CR11, R3
Maximum Audience 24
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