Prof John Hannay - Classical holonomy; some physics of round trips

Tuesday 02 October 2012, 15:00

Prof. John Hannay, (University of Bristol)

Holonomy effects are familiar in everyday life. Swimming, for example, is a repetitive change of body shape with the express purpose of achieving a non-repetitive effect - a translational shift (but can you swim in frictionless water?). They also have privileged status in the grand theories of the 1900s, relativity and quantum mechanics. But I'll explore some classical instances of holonomy dating from (or at least which could have dated from) the 1800s, if not earlier, back to Newton. All are welcome Coffee from 2:30 pm in front of the Lecture Theatre

Event type Seminar
Start date and time Tuesday 02 October 2012, 15:00
End Tuesday 02 October 2012, 16:00
Location R22 Pickavance Lecture Theatre
Maximum Audience 200
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