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High Magnetic Field

Oleg Kirichek checks cryomagnets supplied by Oxford Instruments

Dr Oleg Kirichek checks cryomagnets supplied by Oxford Instruments
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ISIS has a selection of super conducting magnets; with available fields of up to 13.5 tesla, maximum beam openings of up to ±15˚ in the vertical plane and ±90˚ in the horizontal plane and a 2T magnet that can provide a highly uniform field which can be oriented in any direction.

If you have any questions about this equipment or you think you may want to use one on your experiment contact the sample environment team, or the respective instrument scientist.

MagnetTypeTemperatureSample SpaceBeam angle
2T (3d magnet) 3d reflectometery magnet  70mm 
4T E18 Magnet4T split pair vertical magnet 30mk-300K 200mm dia. x 250mm long 
7.5TSplit-pair 7.5 Tesla Cryomagnet 2 - 300K 48mm dia. x 40mm high 45°
9T 9T Chopper Magnet 4.2-300K 50mm 
10T Split-pair 10Tesla Cryomagnet 2 - 300K50mm dia. x 15mm high 
14T13.6T recondensing superconducting vertical magnet  340 degrees in-plane opening and -5/+10 degrees opening. 
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