General Clamped Cells

High Pressure McWhan cell

High Pressure McWhan cell
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The Highest sample pressures we are currently able to achieve at ISIS are attained with a clamped cell type sample container. We can achieve pressures of 2.5GPa.

If you have any questions about our high pressure capabilities or think you may want to use some of this equipment during your experiment then please contact the Pressure and Furnaces team or the relevant instrument scientist.

Clamped CellDescriptionWorking parameters
McWhan cell25 Kbar clamp cell0 to 2Gpa (0 to 20 Kbar)
ILL Be/Cu clamp cell10 Kbar clamp cell0 to 1Gpa (0 to 10 Kbar)
Press (Large)100 tonne press for loading high pressure clamp cells0 to 100 tonnes
Press (small)15 tonne press for loading high pressure clamp cells and making samples into pellets.0 to 15 Tonnes
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