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Low temperature

Sumitomo 415 GM Top Loading CCR

SXD Top Loading CCR System without 1st stage radiation shield
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A wide variety of low-temperature cryogenic equipment is available for ISIS instruments, including top and bottom dilution refrigerators (≥30mK), static exchange gas He4 cryostats (≥1.5K) and both top and bottom loading closed cycle refrigerators (≥4.5K).

1.5K to 300K

1.5K to 600K

Closed Cycle refrigerators (CCRs)
4K to 300K

CCR Hot Stage
4K to 700K

Dilution Refrigerators
25mK to 300K

He3 Sorption Refrigerators
300mk to 300K

Water baths
-40°C to 90°C

Cryogenic Sample Changers

Cooling Samples at Ultra-low Temperatures 
Our range of Sample Cans and techniques for Cryogenic Temperatures

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