Variox 30 Cryostat

Variox 30 Cryostat
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ISIS has approximately 30 wet helium cryostats; that consist of Orange cryostats in both 100mm and 50mm nominal sample volume diameter and Oxford Instruments Variox’s with 50mm nominal sample volume diameter all systems are sample in exchange gas.

See cryostat diagram, (PDF file), for explanation of dimensions referred to.For full details of all the cryostats including descriptions please see the Cryostat parameters PDF.

The "Cryostat Operating Instructions Manual" can be found by following the link opposite and on the instructions page:

Cryostat Operating Instructions Manual

Please choose the relevant group to see information about the groups of cryostats.

Orange 50mm Cryostats

Orange MAXI 50mm Cryostats

Orange MAXI 100mm Cryostats

Oxford Variox Cryostats

Oxford Flow through Cryostats


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