Old Clamped cells

Clamped cell

Clamped cell

Sample size

Pressure range

Temperature range

McWhan Clamped Cell


Pmax = 2.5 GPa

4.2K <T< 300K

Paris-Edinburgh Clamped Cell


Pmax = 25.0 GPa


ILL cell. Beryllium-copper alloy clamped cel


Pmax = 1.0GPa

1.5K <T< 300K

McWhan Clamped Cell

This is to a design originated by D.B.McWhan having a maximum pressure of ~2.5GPa, (25kbar). The sample is contained in the bore of a compressively loaded Alumina, (Al2O3) ceramic cylinder which is axially pressurised between two opposing cylindrical Tungsten Carbide pistons. Hydrostaticity is ensured by immersing the sample in Fluorinert FC75, (C8F18), liquid or a 4:1 mixture of deuterated methanol and ethanol. Pressure is monitored through the change in lattice parameters of NaCl which may be included with the sample.

The cell can be used in a standard 100mm bore Orange cryostat down to ~1.5K. Sample size is 6mm dia. x 12mm high.

Paris-Edinburgh Clamped Cell

Pressures up ~10 GPa over the temperature range ~120 - 300 K are accessible using the Paris-Edinburgh opposed-anvil cell on Pearl/Hipr. Sample volume is typically ~100 mm3 clamped between the standard tungsten carbide (ISIS supplied) anvils. Near hydrostatic compression conditions are possible at ambient temperature over the pressure range 0-10 GPa using the recently developed encapsulated gaskets.

Pressures up to ~20 GPa at ambient temperature may be attained using user-supplied sintered diamond anvils using a double toroid profile (~45 mm3 volume). Using the internal heating system it is also possible to achieve ~7 GPa over the temperature range 300-1200 K. The Paris-Edinburgh cell may also be used on Polaris, although here its use is typically limited to ambient temperature experiments. On both Pearl/HiPr and POLARIS the cell scattering geometry is typically 90o to the incident neutron beam, although other geometries are accessible on Pearl/Hipr.

ILL Beryllium-Copper Clamp cell.

This compact cell made from hardened beryllium-copper alloy has a 6mm dia. x 40mm long sample volume. It uses Fluorinert, (C8F18), as the pressure medium. Maximum pressure 1.0GPa. Pressure is generated using the 50 tonne hydraulic press then locked in by an external locknut. It may be used with the 7.5Tesla cryomagnet.

LOQ - Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) HP cell

This cell is under development and not now available for scheduled experiments.


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