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ISIS provides a wide range of state-of-the-art sample environment equipment, support labs and technical expertise to support ISIS users with their science programmes.

We can routinely provide equipment for experiments covering low and high temperature, pressure, gas handling, magnets, motion and temperature control and electronics. Sample environments cover temperature ranges from 25 mK up to 2300 K, pressures from vacuum to 25 GPa, magnetic fields up to 14 T.

In-house expertise is available to support users with their science programmes at ISIS. Team members can also arrange for more unusual apparatus and combinations of parameters to be supplied. 


Electronics and sample control

Electronics and sample support assist with temperature and position measurement systems as well as test and measurement. Such systems are commonly used on rotary cryostats, furnaces, and positioning systems such as linear tables and goniometers.

Low temperature

A wide variety of low-temperature cryogenic equipment is available for ISIS instruments, including top and bottom dilution refrigerators (≥30mK), static exchange gas He4 cryostats (≥1.5K) and both top and bottom loading closed cycle refrigerators (≥4.5K).

Gas handling

A significant number of experiments require gas handling, (GH), facilities; either because the sample is condensed directly from the gaseous phase or the gas used is an integral aspect of sample preparation, or a component of the chemistry being studied.

High pressure

A number of High Pressure systems, P> 0.1GPa, (1kbar), are routinely available to ISIS users.

High temperature

We are able to provide vacuum furnaces, covering the temperature range 200°C to 2000°C for the neutron instruments and temperatures of up to 1200°C on the Muon beamlines. Heating elements are either Vanadium, Niobium or Tantalum. All elements and shields are fabricated in-house.

Sample containers

Most experiments are performed using a range of standard ISIS-developed aluminium or vanadium sample containers although there is considerable call for special one-off cells.

High Magnetic Field

ISIS has a selection of super conducting magnets; with available fields of up to 13.5 tesla, maximum beam openings of up to ±15˚ in the vertical plane and ±90˚ in the horizontal plane and a 2T magnet that can provide a highly uniform field which can be oriented in any direction.

Soft Matter

Establishing how and where Sample Environment fits into soft matter and bio materials experiments has become harder due to the diverse range of experiments that has rapidly grown over recent years. The complexity and variety of samples used in soft matter research demand special requirements from the design and operation of sample environment equipment.

Vacuum Equipment

The sample environment group have a large range of vacuum pumps for experimental support.

Information & Support

To discuss your sample environment requirements please contact Oleg Kirichek.

For specific discussions about particular equipment, you can also contact the relevant team members.

Outside standard office hours (08:30 -17:00 Monday-Friday) all requests for help with sample environment equipment must be made through the ISIS Main Control Room or through your local contact.

Sample Environment Operating Procedures

This page contains links to various documents with specific operating instructions for sample environment kit used on ISIS beamlines.

User-supplied equipment

User-supplied equipment can only be used on experiments after testing and agreement from ISIS.

ISIS Support Laboratories

The ISIS support labs offer users a range of facilities to aid in the preparation and analysis of your samples.

The Team

Electronics User Support Group

The electronics and sample support group assists with temperature and position measurement systems. Such systems are commonly used on rotary cryostats, furnaces, and positioning systems such as linear tables and goniometers. 

Cryogenics Team

The cryogenics team at ISIS are responsible for superconducting magnets and low-temperature equipment.

Pressure and furnace Section

The pressure and furnace section are a small team of five technicians providing technical support for sample environment equipment to the Neutron user community

Soft Matter Team

The Soft Condensed Matter team maintain the sample environment equipment associated with Soft Matter experiments.

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