17T Magnet

17T Cryomagnet on SANS2D

17T Cryomagnet on SANS2D
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Super-conducting cryomagnets

This is a horizontal, solenoidal, field magnet capable of reaching field strengths up to 17T. The sample sits in an evacuated Variable Temperature Insert which may be controlled from below 3K to around 300K. Alternatively, room temperature measurements are possible at atmospheric pressure.

Special features of the magnet are very low background scattering (due to the very small amount of material in the beam path), rapid cool-down (~30 min), fast field ramping, and the ability to change samples without warming up the magnet or breaking the vacuum (using a novel remote manipulator).

The maximum scattering angle is +/- 10 deg.

The magnet was funded by the UK EPSRC as a grant to Prof Ted Forgan at the University of Birmingham, to whom all requests for collaborative use should be directed.

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