Two Tiered Sample Changer

2 Tier Cell Rack

2 Tier Cell Rack
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This two tiered sample changer allows up to 40 samples to be loaded onto the beamline. The three standard cuvette geometries (‘standard’, ‘banjo’ and ‘tank’) with varying pathlength (1 – 10mm) can be accommodated.

The x,y co-ordinates of each sample position is known and so control scripts can be easily written on the instrument PC. The temperature of each tier can be controlled separately by either a Julabo waterbath with chiller unit (-15°C to 80°C) or by electrical heaters which can be placed under the individual sections (room temperature to a few hundred °C).  Again both of these are PC controlled. The holder is made ‘neutronically black’ by coating each section with gadolinium oxide paint.
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