Physica MCR501 Rheometer

The Physica Rheometer

The Physica Rheometer
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The Physica MCR501 is a state-of-the-art controlled shear-rate (CSR) or controlled shear-stress (CSS) rheometer for offline rheology or in-situ Rheo-SANS measurements. Rotational speeds range from 10-6 to 3000 rpm, approximately corresponding to shear rates from <10-5 to 15000 s-1. In oscillatory mode frequencies between 10-5 and 100 Hz are possible. The maximum normal force is 50 N.

Offline the instrument may be used with parallel plate, cone-and-plate, or Couette measuring geometries, but Rheo-SANS experiments can only be performed with a special Searle-Couette (rotating stator) measuring geometry because of the relatively large diameter of the collimated neutron beam.

We have SANS Couette cells manufactured in synthetic quartz and Grade-V Titanium depending on the temperature requirements of the experiment.

Key Info:

Custom-built cylinders for SANS & SAXS
    SANS: concentric cylinder
    SAXS: concentric cylinder & cone-&-plate

force range0.01  –  50 mN with 2 mNresolution
torque range0.02 mNm  –  230 mNmwith 0.001 mNm resolution
speed (controlled shear stress)10-7  –  3000 rpm
 speed (controlled shear rate)10-8  –  3000 rpm
oscillatory frequency10-6  –  100 Hz
sample temperature-50  –  +200 °C
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