Unilever Extensional Shear Cell

Unilever Couette Cell

Unilever Couette Cell
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In contrast to the MCR501 Rheometer, this is a shear flow cell of the Taylor-Couette design with a static, thermostatted, inner stator and a revolving outer cylinder. There are no rheological force transducers. A set rotation speed is assumed to impart a given linear shear flow gradient on the sample.

The stator and outer cylinder are both made from the same synthetic quartz as standard SANS sample cuvettes but this, and the method of assembly, limits the apparatus to an operational temperature range of 10 - 50 °C. The apparatus is fitted with a two-part lid to prevent sample spillage and to reduce evaporative losses. The total sample path length is 1 mm and the volume of sample required is approximately 8 ml. In some instances this can be reduced to 4 ml.

Rotational speeds range from >1 to 3000 rpm, approximately corresponding to shear rates from >5 to 15000 s-1. A very limited degree of oscillatory shear is also possible.

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