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Temperature and Translation Stages

Linkam Cell Inside

Linkam Cell Inside
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The Linkam temperature stage is a specialised heating and cooling unit that allows rapid heating and cooling with accurate temperature stability. The T-jump cell can be used to generate very rapid temperature changes in a liquid sample. The four-position temperature stage is available for use with solid/ liquid cells.

For further details/images please select the relevant link in the table below. If you think you may want to use any of this equipment for your experiment please contact the soft matter team




Huber Stack


Translation, 2 x height, crossed arcs and rotation stage for GISANS measurements


Four Position Temperature Stage

4-Position, temperature range up to 120˚C


Linkam Temperature Stage Rapid heating and Cooling
-196˚C to 600˚C
T-Jump CellThis cell is used for creating rapid temperature changes in liquid samples. 
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