Thermostated Liquid Troughs

5 Position Liquid Trough

5 Position Liquid Trough
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Multi-position troughs are available for air-liquid interface reflectometry experiments.

Two sets of thermostatically-controlled liquid troughs with Eurotherm-controlled heaters are available consisting of 5 troughs with ~30cm3 capacity.

The troughs consist of individually sealed containers to prevent evaporation of even volatile samples. Each unit contains a PTFE tray which is heated via heating mats. Made from aluminium, each trough has quartz windows to allow laser alignment of the samples. The troughs are held within a temperature controlled box to reduce condensation effects. The whole assembly mounts directly onto an active anti-vibration table which is itself mounted to the linear translation stage.

Trough temperature range: RT to 80┬║C

A seven position trough is also available for use on INTER

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