Driving future accelerators: first beam for the FETS project at ISIS

driving future

Members of the FETS collaboration after the first beam was produced.
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In April 2009 the Front End Test Stand (FETS) came to life when the ion source produced its first beam.

FETS is being developed as a new high power injector for the particle accelerators of the future. It will produce a perfectly chopped 50 Hz ,60 mA, H beam at 3 MeV with a 10% duty factor. Its applications are many and include ISIS upgrades, a neutrino factory and nuclear waste transmutation.

FETS is a collaboration between STFC, Imperial College, Warwick University, The University of the Basque Country and Tekniker. It consists of a high current H  ion source, a three-solenoid magnetic Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT), a 324 MHz, 3 MeV, 4-vane Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ), a very fast beam chopper and a comprehensive suite of diagnostics. The ion source and laser diagnostics have been commissioned, and the LEBT will now be installed, followed by the RFQ and chopper.

M Bates, MA Clarke-Gayther, DC Faircloth, DJS Findlay, T Knott, SR Lawrie, AP Letchford, M Perkins, P Romano, M Westall, M Whitehead, P Wise, T Wood (ISIS), FJ Bermejo (Bilbao, Spain), J Lucas (Elytt Energy, Madrid, Spain), J Alonso, R Enparantza (Fundación Tekniker, Elbr, Spain), SMH Al Sari, S Jolly, A Kurup, DA Lee, P Savage (Imperial London), J Pasternak, JK Pozimski (Imperial College London, ISIS), C Gabor, C Plostinar (ASTeC), JJ Back (Warwick University)

Research date: September 2009

Further Information

Contact: Dr Dan Faircloth, dan.faircloth@stfc.ac.uk

Further reading: DC Faircloth et al., Proceedings of PAC09 Vancouver, April 2009

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