The ISIS Computing Group provides support and development for a wide range of hardware and software across the facility.

This includes systems for data acquisition and control of experiments through to data reduction, analysis and archiving, as well as office systems and databases. Over 500 Windows, VMS and UNIX/Linux systems are supported. Of primary importance are the 23 data acquisition and control systems, the majority centred around VMS with extensions to Windows systems for additional device control. New data acquisition and control systems built around Windows are in operation on several instruments which have a much faster interface to the DAE-II system, enabling a greater data collection rate and turn-round of experiments. Data collection varies enormously across the instruments from a few hundred Kbytes per day to 400 Mbytes in one dataset. All data are copied to a central archive within a few minutes of the completion of an experiment, and over 2 Terabytes of data going back to the beginnings of ISIS are stored. 

The Group has developed the analysis and visualisation packages GENIE and OpenGENIE for the VMS, UNIX and Windows systems. Support is also given to software development carried out by
scientific staff. Much effort is being put into analysis, simulation and modeling software on Windows and Linux systems, consisting partly of custom-built software and partly of commercial
software such as IDL and MATLAB.

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