Incubators are available for bacterial cell cultures.

Thermo Scientific Heraeus B12

We have two Heraeus B12 static incubators in the TS2 (R80) biolab. These operate at temperatures from +5 ˚C to +70 ˚C, and are used for bacterial growth on nutrient agar plates.

Eppendorf Innova 44R

We have two Innova 44R shaking incubators used for bacterial culture growth, also located in the TS2 biolab. They will operate at temperatures of ambient +20 ˚C up to 70 ˚C, and can agitate flasks at speeds from 25 – 300 rpm. Options include:

  • Timed or continuous operation
  • 15 ml and 50 ml tube racks
  • Various flask clamp sizes
  • Can perform 6 x 1 L cultures in 4 L flasks
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