Protein Purification

Equipment for purification of protien mixtures is housed in the TS2 (R80) biolab as well as the cold room in the TS1 (R55) biolab.

AKTAprime plus

The AKTAprime plus is a lab-scale chromatography system for purifications of tagged and untagged proteins, and antibodies. It is located in the TS2 (R80) biolab.


  • Specific and quick methods for tagged protein purification
  • Simple-to-use with preprogrammed templates covering all common techniques
  • Can be used for more general purification tasks such as ion exchange, affinity chromatography, buffer exchange, gel filtration and HIC
  • Various separating columns are available

The AKTAprime plus system includes a pump, fraction collector, and monitors for UV, conductivity, and pH. There are also integrated valves for sample injection, buffer selection, flow diversion and gradient formation.

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