Quartz Crystal Microbalance

A quartz crytal microbalance is available for precision measurements of mass and viscosity events at surfaces.

Q-Sense E4

The Q-Sense E4 is a four-channel microbalance for rapid real-time analysis of molecular events at surfaces. Four sensors allow for up to 4 parallel experiments simultaneously. It will measure mass per unit area and viscoelastic molecular layers as they build up or change on the sensor surface. We have gold surface sensors, though others are available from the manufacturer. This unit will easily take on label-free or in-situ measurements. It is located in the TS2 (R80) biolab. Features include:

  • Working temperature control from 15 ˚C – 65 ˚C
  • Flow rates of 50 – 200 µl/min
  • Min. sample volumes of 300 µl
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