Differential Scanning Calorimetry

As well as the Netzsch TGA-DSC, ISIS is also home to two more DSC instruments in the TS2 (R80) Instrument Room.

Netzsch F3 Jupiter

Image of the Netzsch F3 Jupiter TGA.

The F3 Jupiter thermogravimetric analysis system in the R79 laboratory.
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The Jupiter F3 is a high performance, high temperature thermogravimetric analysis instrument, with thermo-microbalance and differential scanning calorimetry capabilities.

  • Operation from ambient to 1500 °C
  • Flow control for gas dosing
  • Can be used with corrosive gases; ammonia gas available

Manufacturer's details

DSCs in the TS2 Instrument Room

The TS2 (R80) Instrument Room houses two more differential scanning calorimeters with low-temperature capabilities.

Mettler Toledo DSC1 & TA Instruments DSC Q2000

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