Hydrogen and Catalysis Laboratory

The ISIS Hydrogen and Catalysis Laboratory offers a range of equipment optimised for the study of hydrogen storage materials and catalysts.

It features appropriate ventilation for working with pressurised H2 gas and other flammable gasses. Instrumentation is available for investigating H2 storage materials including adsorption and desorption isotherms, porosity measurements and H2 uptake. Spectroscopic equipment is also available for sample characterisation.


Equipment currently available in the hydrogen and catalysis laboratory encompasses the fields of:

         Thermogravimetric Analysis       Volumetric Analysis

                     DSC                 Raman                FTIR

Follow the links above to find out more about our equipment and our experimental capabilities. To enquire about equipment availability and to book time on an instrument, please email IHCL@stfc.ac.uk or contact the lab manager Dr James Taylor directly.

Users are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the laboratory guidelines before coming to use the lab and equipment within.

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