ISIS Support Laboratories Team

The support Laboratories team are here to help with the equipment and general procedures in the preparation of samples. They also offer assistance in supplementary analytical techniques related to beamline experiments, as well as help with health and safety issues.

The Support Laboratory Team

ISIS Support Laboratories ManagerDr Marek Jura
Materials Characterisation Lab ManagerDr Gavin Stenning
Hydrogen & Catalysis Lab ManagerDr James Taylor
Biology Labs Manager 
Deuteration Facility ManagerDr Peixun Li
Deuteration Facility ChemistDr Chu Chuan Dong
Deuteration Facility ChemistDr Sarah Youngs
Deuteration Facility ChemistDr James Tellam
Senior Laboratory TechnicianSarah Langham
Laboratory Technical StaffPhilip Randell
Laboratory Technical StaffDaniel Glover
Support Labs Placement StudentJames Crosland
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