Rigaku SmartLab

Rigaku SmartLab X-Ray Diffractometer

Rigaku SmartLab X-Ray Diffractometer

Rigaku SmartLab X-Ray Diffractometer
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The Rigaku SmartLab is available to all staff and users of ISIS

State-of-the-art powder and thin film diffractometer that can also be configured as a reflectometer.  It incorporates a 9kW rotating anode for high intensity X-Ray generation.  We can also perform SAXS (2-100nm) and USAXS (>100nm) measurements.

Utilises special SmartLab Guidance software which helps guide users through procedures for each experiment. Optical and sample alignment is automatically computer controlled through the software.  Chipped and tracked optics helps to assist users with hardware installation to ensure correct optics are in place.

Options currently include:

  • Anton Paar HTK hot stage for temperatures 25-1200 °C which can be performed under vacuum, air or inert gas
  • Ge(220) two bounce incident monocromator and receiving analyzer
  • Ge(220) four bounce incident monocromator
  • Capillary attachment for SAXS/USAXS and air sensitive samples
  • 6 position autosampler for XRD and XRR measurements

For enquires regarding the Rigaku SmartLab or to request X-Ray time, please contact the Lab Manager, Marek Jura.

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