Disordered materials XRD

Disordered materials XRD
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X-ray Diffractometer for Disordered Materials

This facility has been provided with the aim of routinely providing high quality laboratory X-ray diffraction data in conjunction with neutron diffraction results.   This will allow users of the Nimrod, GEM and Sandals neutron diffractometers to exploit the complementarities of X-rays and neutrons and extract the maximum information possible from their data. 

The diffractometer is a Panalytical X’pert Pro which has been optimised for the study of amorphous materials by mounting the samples in capillaries and using a silver anode to produce the X-rays.  This allows data to be collected over the widest angular range with a Qmax in excess of 20 Å-1.

The XRD was installed in Target Station 2 in September 2008 and after extensive commissioning, including the development of in house data reduction software, GudrunX, user experiments began June 2009.  Since then a wide range of experiments have been conducted, studying materials such as oxide glasses, zeolites, bio glasses, cyanides, acids and bulk metallic glasses.

If you wish to use this facility, please check the criteria for use, and then e-mail the details of your proposed experiment to ISIS Disordered materials diffractometer.

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