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What to do before arriving at ISIS

We have recently changed the procedures for what users must do before arrival at ISIS. Several new online systems have been introduced. Please use the links below to make sure you have everything in place to make the most of your time at ISIS. 

Please note that entry into the ISIS experimental hall will be delayed unless you have an up-to-date safety test and have read the health information. 

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Principal Investigators / Experiment Contact

Check you have been allocated the Sample Environment equipment you need. As soon as you receive the date of your experiment from the Instrument Scientist, please check that the Sample Environment equipment is correct, and if not, inform your local contact. Should you require special equipment that requires engineering, assembly or testing, details must be given as soon as possible, but at least six weeks before the experiment is due to start.

Once your experiment has been scheduled, you will receive an e-mail from the User Office confirming the dates. This email will ask you to complete a Visit Notification online at to register the names of everyone that will attend and, if required, request their accommodation and/or transport.

We need to know in advance who is coming for your experiment so that they can be given access to the ISIS experimental hall.

  1. Complete an Experiment Risk Assessment (or get one of your team to complete it). Please go to to confirm all of the operational details of the experiment so we can put the necessary safety arrangements in place. An Experiment Risk Assessment (ERA) is required for all experiments and replaces the COSHH forms used previously. If you require any help in completing the form, please contact your local contact or our Sample Safety Team on

Everyone who plans to come to ISIS to carry out the experiment should complete the tasks listed in the Experiment Team Members section below at least one week prior to arrival. 

Read our 'what to do on arrival' page.

Experiment Team Members

Once your principal investigator / experiment contact has told us you are coming you will receive an email from the user office. This email will ask you to complete the following tasks online as soon as possible.

Before you arrive please:

  1. Update your personal details at
  2. Review relevant health information at
  3. Study the training pages at and then take (and pass) the ISIS safety test at (if you have not done this within the past two years)

Read our 'what to do on arrival' page.

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