ISIS Experiment Risk Assessment

Experiment Risk Assessment entry screen shot

Experiment Risk Assessment entry screen shot
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The Experiment Risk Assessment (ERA) is a new process for assessing experiment and sample safety at ISIS.

We have changed the procedures for assessing experiment and sample safety at ISIS.  An online Experiment Risk Assessment (ERA) will be required to be completed by the experiment team for each experiment instead of the COSHH form used previously. The ERA  will include the existing COSHH information, but will also cover wider aspects of an experiment. By providing information about the various aspects of an experiment, whether it's the people involved, the samples, work in our Prep Labs, equipment needed, or the physical conditions required, ISIS staff will be better equipped to provide you with the facility you need for successful beamtime including health and safety 'paperwork'.

The new ERA system was used on some instruments from June 2010 and it is being rolled out for experiments on all ISIS instruments starting on or after 1st March 2011.  If you receive a request to complete an ERA, please use the online system to do this. Once you have submitted the form, it will be sent to your local contact for review and then to the ISIS experiment operations team. 

If you require any help in completing the form, please contact your local contact or our Sample Safety Team on

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