Electrical Graduate Trainee

Professional Engineering Support is critical to ISIS both in its functioning and future development. Graduate Electrical Design and Project Engineers will have a key role in this support and the position provides a unique opportunity for a wide variety of engineering experiences.

List of Duties / Work Programme / Responsibilities

•         Work as necessary within the group to develop and maintain systems on the ISIS accelerator

•         Technical training will be undertaken as appropriate

•         In addition the recruit will be joining the graduate development programme (accredited by the IET) and will be expected to undertake personal development activities that are offered by the scheme (a number of these are mandatory)

Likely duties:

•         Produce designs and concepts through the use of 2D & 3D CAD systems

•         Procure manufactured items and bought out components

•         Work with and understand the requirements of projects set by the customer

•         Manage project workload to ensure targets are met

•         Produce calculations to validate designs


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