Graduate Trainee - Graduate Mechatronic Engineer

STFC’s award winning graduate scheme offers structured training, a real job with real responsibilities from day one and a direct route to professional accreditation. It will allow you to use your degree in a dynamic, creative and collaborative culture.

ISIS, the world leading pulsed neutron and muon source, needs Professional Engineers to maintain and enhance its facility.  Graduate Mechatronic Engineers will have a key role in the design and support of the increasing range of motion controlled equipment used across ISIS.  The work will couple design and analysis with project engineering skills.

The ISIS Design Division provides professional engineering across the complete ISIS Neutron Science facility from the accelerator, targets, neutron beam-lines and specialist user equipment.  The diverse nature of the facility is mirrored in its variety of electromechanical systems: state-of-the-art precision mechanisms and motion systems, high power magnets, cryogenic and vacuum systems, very high pressure and extreme temperature sample environment systems.   All of these can encompass novel uses of both established and emerging motor control techniques. The components used range from large industrial motors to miniature actuators and sensors.

We are looking for aspiring engineers who are inquisitive and want to solve complex and interesting engineering problems.  The tasks given to a Mechatronics Graduate engineer will often be a mix of component designs that are required for specific projects, development projects and commissioning of components against their specification. Most projects at the STFC ISIS facility are one-off special designs.

Based at The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, Graduate Mechatronic engineers have a key role and the positions provide a unique opportunity for a wide variety of engineering experiences coupled with excellent training and personal development leading to becoming a Chartered Engineer. 

The ISIS neutron instruments are making use of an increasing quantity and increasing complexity of motion control equipment for precision positioning and flexibility of experiment setup.  We are looking for people who understand the mechanical elements of design along with electrical and software control techniques.

A Mechatronics Graduate engineer will need to be able to work between ISIS Mechanical, Electrical and Computing departments but is often specialised more towards one of these areas.


Summary of Key Duties:
• To deliver engineering solutions for scientific requirements
• To be involved in each aspect of the delivery process from engineering concept, design, procurement, installation/commissioning, testing to final reporting.



• Produce concepts, designs and engineering drawings through the use of 2D & 3D CAD systems.
• Program Motion Control Units using IEC 61131 and specific controller languages
• Create and manage specifications based on customer requirements
• Produce calculations to validate designs
• Present designs for peer and stakeholder review
• Present work both in writing and verbally to a wide range of audiences
• Procure manufactured items and bought out components


Experience, Knowledge and Skills Required:

• Must be highly motivated, innovative and inquisitive.
• Strong ability to think creatively
• Willing to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to read and understand technical information.
• Ability to communicate well both technically and non-technically.
• Ability to produce good written work and reports
• Suitable for employment as a Classified Worker
• Should be available for short overseas visits and occasional periods away from home in the UK (courses, seminars etc)


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