Instrument Scientists - Neutron Diffraction and Imaging (IMAT and ENGIN-X)

The Crystallography Group at ISIS operates 8 neutron diffraction beamlines, performing world class powder and single crystal diffraction studies covering a broad range of academic and industrial research. These include ENGIN-X, a diffractometer dedicated to the use of neutron diffraction techniques to address problems in the fields of engineering and materials science. In addition, the group is responsible for the construction of a new instrument, IMAT, which will provide a unique combination of neutron diffraction and imaging techniques to study scientific disciplines ranging from engineering and earth sciences to bioscience and archaeology. IMAT will begin user operation in 2016, initially only in imaging mode, but with development of the complementary diffraction capabilities taking place during 2017.

We are looking for highly motivated and independent scientists to join the Crystallography Group as part of the IMAT and ENGIN-X teams. Permanent and fixed-term positions are available depending on experience of the candidates. The roles will focus on the efficient commissioning of the new IMAT instrument, supporting the user programmes on both IMAT and ENGIN-X and contributing to ongoing equipment development projects (for example, new sample environment devices). You will be encouraged to perform your own independent research programme in the field of neutron imaging and/or diffraction.

 List of Duties / Work Programme / Responsibilities.

• Provide local contact support for users of IMAT and ENGIN-X.

• Contribute to the development of the imaging and powder diffraction capabilities on IMAT and ENGIN-X, including sample environment facilities and data analysis techniques.

• Seek funding for instrument and other equipment upgrades.

• Represent and actively work on increasing the user base.

• Provide supervision for students and team members (dependent on experience).

• Conduct and disseminate research via publications and conference presentations.

• Conduct tours for visiting scientists and visiting members of the public.

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