ISIS Duty Technician

ISIS is the world’s leading pulsed neutron and muon source for research in the physical and life sciences ( Situated at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, the accelerator based facility provides research into physics, chemistry, materials science, geology, engineering and biology and is the most productive research centre of its type in the world. The ISIS Facility is operated 24/7 by dedicated engineers and technicians who are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the £multimillion particle accelerator and two target station complexes. To facilitate this, the shift crew teams (3 people form one crew) currently work three eight hour shifts during weekdays and two twelve hour shifts at weekends throughout the year.

We are currently searching for an addition to our shift crew on duty: a Duty Technician for Particle Accelerator. You will be providing technical and handling support for the safe operation of the accelerator and the two target stations. This includes assisting in fault finding, safety searches as well as routine tasks such as checklists, and physical tours around the ISIS premises to inspect the different equipment.



•         assist in first line fault diagnosis for the accelerator (including electrical as well as mechanical issues) under high time pressure with the highest regard for personnel and equipment safety

•         assist in repairing/replacing failed equipment like power supplies, magnets, etc.

•         support optimisation of accelerator, target stations and associated equipment operations

•         monitor and document real time data

•         perform physical tours of the accelerator premises looking for any unusual signs (burning odour, alarms, discolorations, noises, etc.)

•         use overhead cranes for light lifting duties

•         issue radiation badges and dosimeters

•         perform searches of controlled areas prior to accelerator operations to guarantee personnel safety

•         hand over the status of the particle accelerator, ongoing work, repairs or other issues to oncoming shift

•         during accelerator off-time other responsibilities within ISIS can arise (working with specialists for the vacuum, interlock systems, Radio Frequency, power supplies, controls, etc.)


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