Junior Research Fellowship in Condensed Matter Physics

The Keeley-Rutherford Fellowship, supported by Wadham College and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, has existed for many years and attracted several successful early career scientists.

The significant investment in experimental and computational facilities at the Rutherford Laboratory in neutron and muon enabled science has generated world leading capability. To fully exploit this capability requires a strong connection between experimental and theoretical efforts to tackle contemporary problems in condensed matter physics.

The ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility has strong links with Wadham College through the Dr Lee’s Professor of Experimental Philosophy. The Keeley-Rutherford Fellow will be embedded in an ISIS Science group and interact strongly with this group. There are wide ranging opportunities to engage with the wider ISIS science community.

This three year fellowship will enable the exploitation of ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility science in hard condensed matter, strengthen the strategic link with Oxford University and provide open source capability (advanced data analysis for example) to the wider ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility community. The post will also help build interactions on the Harwell campus.

List of Duties/Work Programme/Responsibilities

A full-time vacancy exists as a Keeley-Rutherford Junior Research Fellow in Condensed Matter Physics, held at ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility and Wadham College, Oxford.

The principal duty of the post holder will be to pursue original research in Condensed Matter Physics, aimed at delivering the full scientific potential of the facilities at ISIS, through the development of new experimental techniques and the interpretation of neutron/muon experiments.

The balance of experiment and theory/modelling will be dependent on the successful candidate’s experience. 

The research can be theoretical or experimental in nature, with a strong emphasis on the theory (modelling)-experiment interface to develop interpretations of experimental results which can then be more widley exploited by the ISIS science community.

As part of your duties, the Fellow will also provide tuition to Wadham College in the field of Condensed Matter Physics, Thermal Physics, and related areas, for up to 4 hours per week in term time, and support for the undergraduate admissions exercise in December each year. Payment for these duties will be made direct to the Fellow at hourly Senior Tutors’ Committee rates.  The post thus carries a commitment to the College of approximately 30 days per year. You will be required to participate in the governance of the College as member of the Governing Body and other committees, in the former acting as a charity trustee; you will also be expected to participate actively in the academic life of the College by, for example, organising a seminar series, participating in access work, taking on a college post, or advising graduate students.

Contacts and Communication

You will interact extensively with visitors both from higher education institutions and industry. External representation will also range from presenting your own scientific work at conferences to strategic engagement with stakeholders.

Internally, you will be expected to contribute to and lead, where appropriate, aspects of the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility scientific programme.

Personal Skills and Attributes

The position requires a PhD in Physics or another relevant subject. Further post-doctoral experience is desirable but not essential. Experience of neutron/muon or X-ray techniques and/or relevant theoretical/modelling techniques is essential.

Good interpersonal and presentation skills are required.

Demonstrated ability to provide excellent undergraduate teaching in Condensed Matter Physics.

Further Information about ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility

The ISIS Neutron and Muon Source is a world-leading materials research centre at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. ISIS produces beams of neutrons and muons that allow scientists to study materials at the atomic level using a suite of instruments often described as ‘super-microscopes’. 

ISIS supports an international community of over 2000 scientists who use neutrons and muons for research:

  • in physics, chemistry, materials science, geology, engineering and biology
  • from clean energy and the environment, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, through to nanotechnology, materials engineering and IT

It is the most productive research centre of its type in the world and has published over 9000 research papers since 1984.

From the original vision over 30 years ago, ISIS has become one of the UK’s major scientific achievements. As the world’s leading pulsed neutron and muon source, ISIS has changed the way the world views neutron scattering and all future neutron sources will be based on ISIS technology. The US and Japan have constructed neutron sources like ISIS in order to catch up with the UK.

ISIS is a department of the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Further Information about Wadham College

Wadham is one of the larger colleges of the University of Oxford, with approximately 450 undergraduates, 200 graduates, and 70 Fellows. Founded in 1610 by Nicholas and Dorothy Wadham, the College has a strong commitment to academic values, whilst preserving a liberal and progressive atmosphere. The College is situated close to the heart of the city, in Parks Road.  Whilst the College continues to enhance and improve its fabric, its grounds are still spacious and provide a relaxed setting for intellectual and social fellowship.

The College is academically strong, with representation amongst most of the subjects taught at undergraduate level at the University. Professors, Research and Tutorial Fellows, and Fellows by Special Election, are all members of its Governing Body, and all members of the College are encouraged to participate actively in College decision making and in developing its policies and practices.

Wadham College is committed to maintaining a vibrant and internationally excellent teaching and research environment.  It accordingly expects its Fellows to be active in research and to contribute to a high-quality teaching and learning experience for its student body. Potential applicants can find out more about the College from the College website: www.wadham.ox.ac.uk.

The Fellow will be a member of the Governing Body of Wadham College (subject to appointment as charity trustee) and will be expected to take part in the governance and administration of the College through participation in College committees. They would be entitled to lunch and dinner at the common table, free from kitchen charge.  The Fellow would also be entitled to single living accommodation in College (to be paid for at the College’s rate), subject to availability, and they will be allowed to apply to the College’s Academic Support Fund for research expenses.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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